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The Narrows: 2014 Gold Medal

This garden was designed as a typical suburban, long, thin plot of 5.5m x 14m, which is something many people have to deal with. The garden was split into 3 areas that encourage movement through the garden and allow each area to be fully utilized.

Features included in this design:

  • Oak, hard wood decking over a shallow pond.
  • Twisted pergola constructed from oak.
  • Post and rail, staggered height, oak fencing.
  • Lawn and gravel seating area with an oak bench.
  • Raised sleeper planters.
  • Liquidamber lollypop trees under planted with shade loving plants.
  • Unique, bespoke gravel and bench seat.
  • Living wall planted baskets.
  • Enclosed patio and hidden seating area.

If you need any more info you can follow the RHS link:

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