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Easy - Care Lawns

A lawn makes a fantastic epicenter to a garden design, but like all good things in life it takes a lot of maintenance, especially of you want a bowling-green finish with stripes. So what can you do to reduce the workload, without compromising on appearance? The design, style and equipment you use as well as the finish you desire will greatly impact on the time you have to spend looking after it. 

How to reduce the workload

  • Simple shapes with sweeping curves
  • Eliminate obstacles
  • Right-size mower
  • Install a mowing strip
  • Leave on the clippings
  • Don’t have a lawn at all

Other Tips

  • Bedding Plants; Add lots of extra colour to your garden with bright bedding plants.  If your like me and don’t want to waste any valuable space in your borders, dig out your pots and fill with bedding plants.  Then you can move them round garden!
  • Perennials in Flower; If you want to enhance your borders try Bearded Iris, Lavender, Coreopsis, Agapanthus.
  • It’s a good time to fit a watering system, especially if you will away on holiday.
  • Dig up or divide your crowded spring flowering bulbs whilst they are dormant.
  • Cut back the first batch of Lavender and Delphinium flowers to encourage another crop.
  • Feed any annual plants to keep them producing flower heads.  Also deadheading annual and perennials will encourage more flowers.
  • Encourage shrubs to spread by tying down the lower branches to allow them to root.
  • Keep cutting the grass regularly.  Keeping the lawn short reduces water loss and helps lower the soil temperature.
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