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RHS Malvern Flower Show – Solar Chic Update 1

Well, we are finally on site at the RHS Malvern Spring Flower Show!  It is a great set up and a very friendly show, with beautiful surroundings.  So far we have only had two days on site and they have been fairly cold and a bit wet at times.  Most of what we have done is marking out and setting up the items that were made in advance, so lots of prebuilt wooden planters.

I love it when all the materials arrive, it is like emptying a box of jigsaw pieces and starting to put them in piles ready to begin!  So far we have the lush ivy panels on site, all our building materials and the beautiful Digby Stone Solar Granite.  There are still a few more pieces of the jigsaw to arrive, but we are ready to move forward quickly when we get to site in the morning.

Just a short post for today, as I have only come home for more tools and we are heading off back down to Malvern this afternoon!  Keep looking out for more posts as we build are ‘Solar Chic’ Show Garden at #rhsmalvern.

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